Somewhere to Call Home

Alex Wheatley – Vocals 
David Scott – Guitars 
Tom Rehor – Bass
Chad Sutlif – Drummer 

Alex McGinnis –
Booking: Blaine

Somewhere to Call Home brings a nü element to metalcore- literally. Taking influence from old school nü metal as well as metalcore giants of the last decade such as Sworn In and Cane Hill leaves Somewhere to Call Home (abbreviated S.W.T.C.H.) with a nasty amalgamation of turbulent, pounding choruses and grooving rhythms packed with lyrical energy. Vocalist Alex Wheatley packs raw emotion, woe, and frustration into his brutal outcries, creating powerful songs for a continually growing audience to resonate with. With a message to spread and a fierce live set to back it up, S.W.T.C.H. aims to build on the traction they’ve gathered thus far and multiply it tenfold.

The quartet has recently completed their tenth tour in two years, having nailed down two full U.S. runs throughout their journey. Taking it coast to coast with the likes of Tetrarch, VCTMS, Silent on Fifth Street and more has hardened the four into a tour-ready battle troupe. The group also boasts local appearances alongside King 810, The Word Alive, Candiria, & upstate brethren Downswing, staying consistent to the brand and sound they’ve developed.

Heading into the turn of the decade with determination and grit, Somewhere to Call Home is sure to find their ‘somewhere’ in the niche of a new era of nü.