Young Medicine

Bret – Keys/Vocals,
Josh – Guitar/Vocals,
Michael – Drums
Peter – Bass

Management: Nicholas Mishko,

Young Medicine, “a musical narcotic for the youth”

One of the fastest rising bands in the midwest, Young Medicine has created a unique brand of electronic rock that people can connect to and share. The band has been around for barely over a year and from the start they hit the ground running, releasing several singles and videos while touring across country to quickly gather a dedicated following. The quartet wasted no time taking their dynamic performances on the road entertaining audiences in Kansas City, New York, Chicago, and many more; It’s no wonder they were named Best Alternative Band 2015 by Project Backstage.

Bret (Vocals, Keys), Josh (Vocals, Guitars), Michael (Drums), and Peter (Bass) all have much more to offer within the band than simply playing their respective instruments, Young Medicine has taken a completely DIY approach their operations, producing all of their own music, videos, and artwork. It’s a labor of love that they can truly say that they’ve put their hearts into and the band been a defining milestone in each of their careers.